Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Menu

I bought a new pair of gym shoes that are identical to a pair I own. I was all set to get something new and flashy on sale for about $60, but then found these ones I already know I love on sale for $30 (instead of $100 full price)… so I went with the safe bet and kept the $30 difference in my pocket. Sometimes being practical is not very exciting.

I changed up all the bedroom textiles this weekend because it was feeling just a little too tropical for me for wintertime. Ha. It is much cozier now.

I'm trying not to freak out about Christmas shopping. I try to simplify it a little more every year, it seems. I do want to take my kids shopping to buy either for each other, or for the opposite parent, I haven't decided yet. My husband and I both come from families of good gift givers and we've kind of dropped the ball on passing that along to our kids. I want to teach them how to be good gift givers. And that doesn't mean joining the discontent consumerist culture.


Notes from last week's menu:
I made Jo-Lynne's dill fingerling potatoes (because those potatoes were on sale at Sprouts) and they were a hit. I steamed them first to make sure they'd be cooked.

Breakfast of champions (aka breakfast of leftovers):

I shopped at Sprouts and Aldi for this week, spending $130.

leftover hash
coffee, heavy whipping cream
lemon raspberry swirl muffins (from The Paleo Kitchen)

sunbutter and jam corn tortilla roll-ups
carrots, homemade ranch
dinner leftovers

Preschooler's snack: dried apricots (his choice)
After school snack: yogurt and blueberries

Sunday - sausage & sweet potato hash, salad, dressing
Monday - (I'm cooking for my small group) BBQ crockpot pulled pork, salad, dressing, potatoes, crustless no-bake cheesecake in ramekins with fresh blackberries.
Tuesday - chicken fajita bowl (chicken, peppers, onions, avocado, tomato, sour cream)
Wednesday - baked salmon, roasted green beans, sweet potatoes
Thursday - parmesan chicken sausages, marinara sauce, spaghetti squash
Friday - beef stew
Saturday - chicken tikki masala

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Menu

Good morning!

Ah, it is nice to sit down in my little blogging alcove and put some words down while it is just me and my coffee :)

Wanna know a bad habit we started a couple weeks ago in the middle of our move? Take-and-bake pizza once a weekend. Thin crust, loaded. Not gluten-free. Even though they have it, I'm not a fan of the brand they use.

So I didn't cook yesterday. We ate pizza. There ya go. My confession. I'm OK with that.

The kids and I shopped at Sprouts and Aldi yesterday, spending $120. I'm pretty happy with what we got for that amount. And I'm happy I survived shopping with the children. I used to do it all the time, but I've gotten a little out of practice.

Here's what we bought:

Yogurt and kombucha were on sale at Sprouts. I thought they might be a good thing to have around since I've got one child finishing a round of antibiotics...

I want to bake these cookies today. For the kids, of course ;)

Allright, down to business. The plan:

eggs, turkey sausage, bell peppers, spinach or kale
chipotle tobasco sauce
oven roasted potatoes
heavy whipping cream
other choice for kids - mug cake or banana muffins

adults - leftovers
kids - rice cakes with nut butter and jam
or gf mac and cheese
carrots and dip
apples or clementines

Preschooler's school snack: dried mango
After school snack: banana chocolate shake or yogurt & blueberries

Sunday - easy crockpot pulled porkBBQ sauce,  cabbage slaw
Monday - crockpot chicken curry (new recipe to try), broccoli, rice option
Tuesday - carne asada bowl (beef, onions, peppers, salsa, avocado)
Wednesday - brats, potatoes, salad with dressing
Thursday - burgers, green beans
Friday - beef stew

I'm putting the crockpot/slowcooker to good use this week.

And I better go because conflict among the natives is escalating…

Have a good Sunday!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Menu

Yay for an at-home weekend with the family. Boo for having a sick kiddo. It always happens after Halloween, I swear! That sugar, it's bad news I tell you.

I'm buying groceries from Aldi, Price Chopper, and Costco this week.

farm eggs/omelets
turkey sausage
paleo pumpkin pancakes
coffee, heaving whipping cream

Lunch choices:
chicken thighs
gf mac and cheese
rice cakes with peanut butter and jam
carrots and ranch
tortillas chips and guacamole
blackberries (99¢/pkg. at Sprouts)

School snacks:
applesauce, raisins

After school snacks:

Sunday - chocolate chili, sour cream, guac
Monday - pulled pork tacos with cabbage slaw
Tuesday - meatloaf, roasted broccoli
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - hamburgers (bun-less as always), oven fries, roasted green beans
Friday - TBD

Now I'm off to make some homemade primal pizza then catch-up on a bit of everything, hopefully. Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly Menu

Hi all! Where have I been? Moving. Finally. On to project house #2. This was our goal all along, it just took us 6 months to get here. Luckily, we had a surprisingly happy place to live in the meantime, it just wasn't our long term home. I don't want to move again for a good while. It takes it outta ya. I think it's all the logistics. I can handle them OK, but I'm ready to have some routine that leaves me some free-thinking creative space, too. Does that make sense? Anyways. Onward.

We ate out 3 times over the weekend during the course of the move. Sheesh, that's expensive for 4 people. I have to cook this week to make up for it :)

farm eggs, kale, leftovers
grain-free pumpkin muffins
coffee, heavy whipping cream

And then there are days like today where I was in a rush and handed my kids a banana and leftover cold hamburger for breakfast. With ketchup, so they'd eat it faster...

roasted chicken thighs, salad, gf mac and cheese, salami
carrots, tortilla chips, guac, apples, etc.

Honeycrisp apples are 98¢ a pound at Sprouts.. WHAT?!
I bought 10 lbs. which was 11 apples and am going to have to get some more :)

burgers, salad and dressing, sweet potato fries
korean beef (this one is paleo) and broccoli, rice for the kids
BBQ chicken and pineapple primal pizza
zucchini noodles, marinara sauce, add beef
asian chicken salad (cabbage, carrots, almonds, mandarin oranges, find a dressing to make…)
bratwurst, salad and dressing, sweet potato fries

Hope you are having a good week!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Menu

time to wake up...

Howdy :)

I told my husband the best analogy for the way I've felt recently is like I've been playing an arcade game (whac-a-mole, anyone?) with deadlines. Multiple task-oriented deadlines running at once and just as I crush one, another appears! Ah, such is life.

Fall is beautiful, let's think about that.

And, what we will eat this week. I only let myself spend $100 on food this week. For kicks, to see if we can do it. That probably won't get us all the way through the weekend. Maybe to Friday. I shopped at Aldi, Hy-Vee, and Trader Joe's.

Here's the plan.

farm eggs, chipotle hot sauce (affiliate link)
lemon raspberry swirl muffins from The Paleo Kitchen (affiliate link)
coffee, heavy whipping cream

peanut butter and jam on rice cakes
or chicken fried rice
or gluten-free mac and cheese
Why yes, I am taking the easy/lazy way out this week!
Serving these with apples and dip (pumpkin or cream cheese).
leftovers, burgers, or chicken thighs, salad, apples

Preschool snack:
raisins or natural applesauce

Sunday - slow cooker roast chicken (used this shawarma recipe), salad with dressing, potatoes
(chips and homemade guac for football snack)
Monday - primal chicken tortilla(less) soup, sour cream
Tuesday - slow cooker meatballs (beef + sun dried tomato pesto), broccoli, salad with dressing
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - baked salmon with salsa, roasted green beans
Weekend - roast another chicken, make tikki masala (buy sauce)

That's all for now, have a great week. Go Royals!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Menu

I'm a little slow this week, but here we go...

eggs, kale, homemade blender salsa
(we bought 15 dozen farm fresh eggs from pastured hens and they are beautiful and sooooo delicious!)
coffee, heavy whipping cream (no additives)

adults - leftovers
kids - rice cake with peanut butter and jam
or salami and cheese
bell pepper strips, homemade sour cream ranch

School snack for my preschooler: dried mango

Monday - leftover chili, sour cream
Tuesday - pork tacos with cabbage slaw
Wednesday - meatloaf, broccoli
Thursday - 2 ingredient slow cooker roast beef, sweet potatoes
Friday - homemade primal pizza, salad greens with dressing

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekly Menu

Hello! Our internet went out this weekend… I was so much more efficient. Well, maybe not efficient, but more focused on chores. For example, the lots of laundry got done. Now I'm listening to a never-ending lecture for my class while I make the menu plan.

Yesterday I went to Aldi, today I went to Costco. And I have plans to go to Sprouts, spending $150 total. We love tacos... don't be surprised if you see them on the menu once a week for awhile. We use corn tortillas - not paleo, but gluten-free.

turkey sausage, onions, peppers, & eggs
coffee, cream

salami & cheese
veggie straws or bell pepper strips
apples with cream cheese dip

After school snack:
rice cake with sun butter and apple butter

Monday - chili, sour cream
Tuesday - garbage-free chicken nuggets, roasted green beans
Wednesday - cheesy vegetable soup (add some meat, take out some flour, it's gonna be a primal experiment) with Mary's Gone Crackers (on sale at Costco)
Thursday - beef tacos
Friday - orange chicken and broccoli
*salad and dressing with all

Special desert:
chocolate-coconut mousse
or apple-cherry fruit tart (from Primal Cravings cookbook)

OK, time is short. Gotta go! Have a good week!
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