Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Menu

What's up?

It is Saturday and I am sitting down (what? this never happens on a Saturday) to write a paper. But first I have to empty my brain of list making...

Here's the food I bought at Sprouts on sale. Blackberries were $1/pkg. I spent $75 total.

(I also went to Aldi and Price Chopper and spent another $67.)

Here's the meal plan for this week.

eggs, leftovers, avocado
coffee, cream
kids - banana & pb or cheerios & milk

salami, cheese, gf crackers or whatever is in the fridge
kids - pb&j on gf bread, yogurt, apples (their requests)

Saturday - burgers, potatoes (I might make some chimichurri for fun.)
Sunday - game day snacks (probably gonna make something with protein and also a sweet treat)
Soooooo many ideas here. These totally make my mouth water but I don't have the patience to make mini-foods that my family would down in 0.2 seconds.
Monday - lemon garlic shrimp, broccoli, rice
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - meatloaf or meatballs, cauliflower
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - orange chicken, green beans

Other fun stuff:

Some thoughtful friends gifted us The Cook's Illustrated Meat Cookbook. Can't wait to use it. (affiliate link)

Unrelated: last night I made a philly cheesesteak skillet. Yum.

Some neighbors near my husband's workplace bring them fresh eggs. How generous is that?

3 ways having less will make you happier.

And you may have seen that I pinned this, but I thought it was good enough to highlight: 23 ways to treat yo' self without buying or eating anything.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Menu

Sundays always go faster than I'd like...
I try to set aside some time to rest and recuperate (mentally, physically, spiritually) while also being productive enough to start the week without being behind. It usually leans more one way than another, and hardly ever goes as planned. I'm trying to appreciate it in any form. Yay for Sundays.

I shopped at Sprouts, Aldi, and Costco, and stayed on target, spending $149.

eggs, avocado
pumpkin waffles, butter, maple syrup
coffee, cream
another kid option: Cheerios and milk*

deli roll-ups (we use turkey, salami, bell pepper strips, pickles, mustard) or garbage-free CFA chicken nuggets
gf pretzels or carrots
apples or clementines

After school snack:
pb&j on rice cakes

breakfast tacos (eggs, avocado, cheese, corn tortillas)
lasagna chili (no noodles)
salmon, rice, roasted broccoli
kale salad with chicken
burgers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, roasted broccoli

And now, because it is Sunday and because bananas were 29¢ a pound at Aldi and I'm required to make snacks if I'm not working, I'm going to bake some coffee cake banana bread.

Have a good day.

*Not paleo, just in case anyone doesn't know, haha. Same with some other things on the menu. Not living by the letter of the law over here. These Cheerios are gluten-free. I think maybe they all are now?? That does not mean they are paleo.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Menu

We build our meals around meat and veggies. We aren't afraid of eating fat. We try to earn our carbs.

Our diet fluctuates.

We don't eat 100% paleo.We eat dairy, some gluten-free grains (such as rice, corn), and some processed sugar on occasion. Those aren't paleo.

My kids eat at school sometimes. They eat at birthday parties. They sometimes get stomach aches. We can tell when we've been eating junk, and we reign things in.

I haven't bought milk in over a year, but today my daughter asked if she could try some gluten-free granola and milk for breakfast this week, so we are letting her give that an experimental run.

My husband and I are playing with cycling our macronutrient ratios (within a paleo/primal template). It is tricky to get used to after aiming for consistency for so long. So we are sucking at it right now.

I shopped at Sprouts and Aldi this weekend. I spent $135.

Here's our plan for the week.

Breakfast choices:
eggs, turkey sausage
granola, milk, banana
coffee, cream

kids request - pb&j on gf bread, yogurt, berries, clementines
adults - leftovers or spinach & feta chicken sausage

Sunday - paleo unwrapped egg rolls (w/ ground pork)
Monday- spicy fish taco bowls
Tuesday - sausage potato soup (if I write down the measurements, I'll share the recipe)
Wednesday - oven chicken fajitas (from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook), avocado
Thursday - philly cheesesteak salad (beef, sautéed mushrooms, carmelized onions, melted swiss, over greens)
Friday - lasagna chili


Monday, January 18, 2016

Today's Groceries

$74 at Aldi:

I spent about $55 at Price Chopper over the weekend, too.
To see what meals we will be having with this food, go see our menu. (I just updated it to include breakfasts and lunches, in addition to dinners.)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekly Menu

Over the weekend, I made lemon raspberry swirl muffins but used strawberry jam for the inside :)
Recipe is from this NY Times Bestseller(affiliate link)
I also made some chili because it was the perfect weather for it.
Yesterday, I bought pork and beef at Price Chopper because it was on a really good sale, even though it is not my favorite place to get meat, and I still need to do some more shopping. Last week I stayed on budget with $100, making up for the overspending the week before. Hope to be back on track with a normal amount this week.

eggs, avocado, kale, salsa
coffee, cream

kids request - pb&j on gluten-free bread, greek yogurt (no artificial ingredients), hummus & carrots, blueberries
adults - leftovers of one dish oven chicken fajitas from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook (so easy, I actually like chicken this way), sour cream

Dinners (trying some new recipes out):
Sunday - leftover chili, avocado
Monday - homemade beef primal pizza, salad & dressing (update: we actually had this for lunch so for dinner we are having salmon, rice, and green beans)
Tuesday - orange chili glazed bacon wrapped pork tenderloin (or some version of it), roasted green beans
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - sweet and sour meatballs, roasted broccoli, rice for the kids
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - burgers and tots

The family wants some fun snacks and I have an opened can of pumpkin to use up so I'm off to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Update

Last week was rough at the beginning. On Tuesday I crashed in the afternoon. I felt awful. I felt overwhelmed. Luckily, I had the chance to climb in bed and that is what I did. That was day 2 of cleaning up our eating habits and I think my body was just adjusting. I felt like such a wimp. After I slept and had a snack, I felt good and continued to for the rest of the week. So relieved. And then I reminded myself last night of what I feel like when I put absolute crap in my body. Recovered and better now. Saying this for 2 reasons: for myself, to vent, and also to let you know that if change feels hard, it is. Really hard sometimes. But you just gotta get over the hump. And once you get a taste of feeling really good, it makes you want to stay on that path, because you will be acutely aware of when you do not. Unfortunately, I reminded myself the painful way. Lesson learned.

Enjoying a family Sunday now...
I've been scouting the web for some new athletic shoes. It's time to branch out from my minimalist Merrell's that they don't make anymore :( I'm seriously considering these, but not sure what color.

Since last week's food has lasted through the weekend, I haven't planned everything out and shopped for this week yet.

We'll start off with the meals we didn't get to from last week:

  • maple bacon pork tenderloin (my family loved this recipe from her cookbook)
  • mushroom, onion, swiss  burgers 

I think I'll go look through my paleo meal ideas page on Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration.

I'll try to stay under budget this week since last week was quite a bit over. I'll try to let you know how I do.

Random FYI, I love the new wall color in our bedroom: Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. I would describe it as a deep muddy gray. Trim is Sherwin Williams Dover White, one of my favorite warm whites. When deciding paint colors, it helped me a ton to google paint colors and see images of them in various settings with people's input, so even though this is not a DIY or interior design blog, I wanted to share my two cents here.

Have a good week!

Monday, January 4, 2016


I went to Aldi, Sprouts, Costco, and Price Chopper. I usually aim for spending $150-$160/week but had to do some restocking this week. I spent $212. Yeeesh. (Not pictured: 1.5 lb. beef, brussels sprouts, and cottage cheese that my husband took for 2 meals at work.) The weekly menu plan for our family of 4 using this food can be found here. I don't buy all organic (I probably buy mostly conventional); we do the best we can at the time.

Roasted chicken thighs for lunch :)

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